Tamara Gorman (Rapid City, South Dakota) (Mom Kelly pictured with Tamara)

About Tamara:

Tamara (pronounced TAM ruh) Gorman is graduating from Stevens High School in Rapid City, South Dakota in the spring of 2014. She began her athletic career as a swimmer with the Rapid City Racers swim club. Tamara loves to do anything outdoors – rock climbing, mountain biking, running and especially swimming. Tamara has a fully-customized training plan that includes swim, bike, run and strength workouts spread out over 5 to 6 days per week. She trains in the pool with her swim club, and then completes her run and bike workouts outside or indoors (depending on the workout and/or the weather). She has weekly touch bases with Coach Jenny Weber every week (if not more). She also trains with in the Des Moines daily training environment during the summer when she is not traveling for competition.

About the Elite Squad:

Generally, Elite Squad team members train predominantly in their hometown, but spend time in Des Moines with Coach Jenny and the Z3 staff during the summer months for specialized, focused training. Z3 has three elite (Pro) level athletes on it’s team and will be expanding in the future with the completion of TRIMidwest, an Olympic-caliber triathlon training lab in Des Moines, Iowa (completion January 2015). Elite Squad members are usually 18 or older.

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Assessments & Skills Development

We believe it's important that youth and young adult athletes are connected with coaches and trainers who understand the physiology of the young athlete. Whether you're a Z3 athlete, or considering becoming a member of the team, our coaches and trainers are dialed in to exactly what youth athletes need to improve.

  • Swim Stroke Assessment and Instruction
  • Bike Position & Pedal Stroke Assessment and Instruction
  • Bike Performance Testing
  • Run Stride Assessment and Instruction
  • Visualization/Goal Setting Assessment and Guidance
  • Strength Assessment and Instruction
  • Nutrition Assessment and Instruction
  • Triathlon Skills Clinics (single day)
  • Triathlon Skills Camps (multiday)

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Individual Training

Some athletes are ready for individualized annual training plans and season-specific specific plans. Whether you're a Z3 athlete, or considering becoming a member of the team, our coaches can help!

  • Annual Training Plan
  • Preparing for a Future in Collegiate Sports (ideally conducted during sophomore/junior year of high school)
  • Season Specific Training Plan
  • Event Specific Training Plan

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Group Training

Group training (in season or out of season) can push athletes to higher performance and improve accountability.

  • Spring Break Training Camp
  • Weekend Training Camp
  • Swim Training Camp
  • Bike Training Camp
  • Run Training Camp
  • Fitness/Strength Training Camp

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Fund A Scholarship

You can support Z3 athletes in their pursuit of achieving greatness by providing a tax-deductible contribution for a travel or tuition scholarship to athletes with financial need. Travel or tuition scholarships are generally granted in $300 increments, however, any donation amount is welcomed.

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