Max Holt (West Des Moines, Iowa)

About Max:

Max is 11 years old and has been a member of the Z3 Tri Team for two years and is in grade 5 at Brookview Elementary. Max came to the team as a runner and has been improving his cycling and swimming every year with a lot of hard work. When he’s not competing in triathlons he is busy playing football and chasing his siblings Abe, Mille and Annie (did I mention they’re triplets?).

About the Competition Team:

Competition Team athletes are between are 10 years old and older and training in individual and group training sessions 3 to 4 days per week. There are Competition Teams are located in Des Moines, Sioux Falls, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Chicago and Kansas City staffed by certified coaches. Training plans and group training schedules are delivered via the Z3 communications platform. Athletes are divided into three levels based on skill to provide safe and supportive training situations. Athletes compete in age appropriate distance non-draft legal triathlons. Athletes 12 and older can compete in USA Triathlon draft-legal triathlons.

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Assessments & Skills Development

We believe it's important that youth and young adult athletes are connected with coaches and trainers who understand the physiology of the young athlete. Whether you're a Z3 athlete, or considering becoming a member of the team, our coaches and trainers are dialed in to exactly what youth athletes need to improve.

  • Swim Stroke Assessment and Instruction
  • Bike Position & Pedal Stroke Assessment and Instruction
  • Bike Performance Testing
  • Run Stride Assessment and Instruction
  • Visualization/Goal Setting Assessment and Guidance
  • Strength Assessment and Instruction
  • Nutrition Assessment and Instruction
  • Triathlon Skills Clinics (single day)
  • Triathlon Skills Camps (multiday)

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Individual Training

Some athletes are ready for individualized annual training plans and season-specific specific plans. Whether you're a Z3 athlete, or considering becoming a member of the team, our coaches can help!

  • Annual Training Plan
  • Preparing for a Future in Collegiate Sports (ideally conducted during sophomore/junior year of high school)
  • Season Specific Training Plan
  • Event Specific Training Plan

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Group Training

Group training (in season or out of season) can push athletes to higher performance and improve accountability.

  • Spring Break Training Camp
  • Weekend Training Camp
  • Swim Training Camp
  • Bike Training Camp
  • Run Training Camp
  • Fitness/Strength Training Camp

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You can support Z3 athletes in their pursuit of achieving greatness by providing a tax-deductible contribution for a travel or tuition scholarship to athletes with financial need. Travel or tuition scholarships are generally granted in $300 increments, however, any donation amount is welcomed.

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